Forthcoming Book: To Whom Shall We Go: Faith Responses in a Time of Crisis

Forthcoming Book: To Whom Shall We Go: Faith Responses in a Time of Crisis 
Editors: Irene Alexander and Christopher Brown 

The pandemic holds up a mirror to our values, beliefs, and actions. It is an opportunity for many of us to pause and reflect, to reassess our lives. For Christians it can direct us back to the call of Jesus to live a cruciform life, to embody the beatitudes, and to live as citizens of earth as well as of heaven. Such times of crisis and of global change require of us that we engage with our deepest values, and the foundations of our Christian faith, to find purpose and integrity in how we respond individually and institutionally. How are we to live out our lives in prayerful and active participation with God’s life and purposes amid the current pandemic and in its aftermath? How might we pray that God’s kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven, and renew our citizenship of both our heavenly and earthly kingdoms? We are being invited to live our lives amid a dilemma heightened by the current crisis. What might shape the characteristic of the kingdom life we seek to live out as the pandemic creates societal upheaval and anxiety in our world? 

This book provides reflection, commentary, and brief liturgies which are aimed to encourage readers to engage more fully with their joint citizenship of this world and the realm of God’s kingdom in new and challenging times. Each chapter aims to inform, inspire and challenge in what it means to actively engage in life and faith and to find pathways and renewed hope through the upheavals, tragedies, grief, loss, and anxieties, of this era of pandemic and crisis. 

The authors of this book, most of whom form a group called the “holy” scribblers, come from diverse backgrounds: medicine, social work, theology, law, economics, physics, missions, psychology, and spiritual direction. They are a group of friends who have been writing about a theological, spiritual, and practical response to our times. They bring their diverse perspectives to the question of how to live a faith-filled response to times of crisis, using the beatitudes as a framework for reflection. Contributors include Irene Alexander, Chris Brown, Terry Gatfield, Athena Gorospe, Tim McCowan, Ross McKenzie, Paul Mercer, Sarah Nicholl, and Charles Ringma. 

The hope is to encourage people to find refuge and security in God, the pathway through the indwelling presence of Christ, and guidance and enlivening by the breath of the Holy Spirit.


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